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Having your car professionally polished

Are you looking for a car cleaning company in The Hague? Then you have come to the right place at Clean to Perfection! Our location is in Wateringen, on the outskirts of The Hague.

You would like to have your car polished by a professional. It is important to know what your wishes are. In popular speech the terms car polish and car cleaning are often used, but the expectations of the result of a treatment vary widely.

If you are looking for a treatment that involves machine polishing the car paint to give the car a quick refreshed look, then feel free to opt for a 1-step polishing treatment. When polishing your car, we use 1 type of polishing pad and a 2-in-1 polishing compound to polish and shine the car paint. For example, if you are planning to sell your car and want it to look as good as possible, a 1-step polish is a perfect choice.

However, are you looking for a polishing treatment in which unevenness and light wax scratches or swirls need to be addressed? Then we speak of a multi-stage polishing treatment. When polishing the car paint, we treat the paint intensively in several steps with various pads and polishing pastes.

A multi-stage polish treatment is more labor intensive and the result more amazing than a 1-step polish. Are you in doubt whether having your car polished in 1 step is sufficient or a multi-step polishing treatment is necessary? No problem! You can visit us for a free analysis and appropriate advice.

Car cleaning in The Hague

At Clean to Perfection you are welcome if you are looking for a car cleaning company in The Hague. Within our company we not only provide an above-average service, but you can also count on a comprehensive treatment that is specifically tailored to the needs of your car. Thus, a professional end result can always be guaranteed. As THE specialist in the field of car detailing, we are at your service.

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Personalized advice

We will be happy to advise you, without obligation of course, on the best options for reconditioning, optimizing or protecting your automotive paintwork.

Professionalism through experience

Through years of experience, expert knowledge and continuous development of our knowledge, we guarantee professional work.

A suitable treatment for every car

Every car paint is in a different condition and every customer has different needs. We are happy to discuss all options with you.

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In some cases, it is necessary to have your car visually evaluated by us.

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Q. Herwig
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Had the inside done a while back and now the outside. The inside was top and the outside even better, professional work, neatly according to appointment. Expert and correct. Really highly recommended. Car feels like new again. In short, for years top service, highly recommended.
R. Music
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Had car my polished here. This gentleman obviously knows what he is doing. Car looked perfect, for a good price. Highly recommended!
R. Zonnenberg
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My car had a lot of swirls, which Michal completely conjured away. Michal is flexible, friendly but above all he delivers professional work. The result after the premium treatment is amazing. The car shines and glows like never before. Top work Michal!
R. van DS
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Michal is a true professional who is perfectionist in the right way! I had the pleasure of hiring him for my own car (+30 years old and like new thanks to Michal) and love to refer people from my network to him. The car enthusiast can have a great time at Clean to Perfection!
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