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Glass coating for car paint

Car paint is exposed daily to influences that harm the beautiful appearance of the car.

A car is a proud possession that we want to enjoy as long as possible. To properly protect the paintwork, it is important to apply a good paint sealant. A professional paint sealant in the form of a nano coating or glass coating, also called ceramic coating, has a long life.

The Professional glass coating we work with is a strong layer that is not visible or tangible. This layer provides ultimate protection against external influences. The coating absorbs UV radiation so that no color damage will occur and the paint retains its gloss. Chemical contamination, road dirt and acid rain have no chance to adhere, making the car easy to maintain. In addition to increasing driving pleasure, the car will retain its value longer.

Because of its long life and excellent gloss, we prefer to work with the durable KRYTEX™ glass coating.


By choosing Krytex™ products, we are choosing innovative products from a passionate, reliable supplier. An advantage of Krytex™ as a partner is that they have their own full development center where all products from development to production take place in their own factory. In addition, all Krytex™ products are CE certified.

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Our range

For glass coating, we offer 3 options. These options include all preliminary work, including 4 labor hours of polishing as standard. Any additional polishing is possible at an hourly rate of €50,- incl. VAT. We are happy to discuss this when we can assess the car.

Standard included with all packages:

  • Pre-cleaning with active foam
  • Hand washing
  • Chemical cleaning of the paintwork, fly rust removal
  • Cleaning rims and tires
  • Cleaning wheel housings and door rebates
  • Drying with special cloth
  • Clay treatment
  • Paint correction through 4 hours of polishing
  • Degreasing
  • Application of a ceramic coating of your choice

Of course the packages can be extended with for example a wheel coating, window coating and coating for plastic parts.

* Price depends on type of car


KRYTEX™ 7H+ glascoating
Price from € 625 incl. vat

This choice consists of a single layer of KRYTEX™ 7H+. This extremely hydrophobic ceramic coating provides good protection against external influences.

Price from € 975 incl. vat

The 9H+ is an essential undercoat that provides leveling and also acts as the ultimate bonding layer for the MEGA8. Applying these two coatings in layers on top of each other creates a mega strong protection.

Price from € 1350 incl. vat

If you want the longest lasting and strongest glass coating for your car paint then our advice is to choose this option. By applying the 9H+ in 3 cured coats, finished with a strong coat of MEGA8 you are guaranteed the best paint protection.

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In some cases, it is necessary to have your car visually evaluated by us.


Windshield € 125 incl. vat
All windows from €225 incl. vat

Hydrophobic coating for glass

Price from € 325 incl. vat

Organic protective coating for Leather

Pricefrom € 325 incl. vat

Ceramic protective coating for alloy rims

Price from € 125 incl. vat

Ceramic protective coating for plastic parts

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We will be happy to advise you, without obligation of course, on the best options for reconditioning, optimizing or protecting your automotive paintwork.

Professionalism through experience

Through years of experience, expert knowledge and continuous development of our knowledge, we guarantee professional work.

A suitable treatment for every car

Every car paint is in a different condition and every customer has different needs. We are happy to discuss all options with you.

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