Corporate clients

Auto Detailing Services for dealers, garage companies and professionals

Clean to Perfection is your partner in achieving higher returns! Thanks to our extensive experience and flexible attitude, we are able to adapt to your wishes. We welcome your suggestions and enjoy thinking along with you.

We are there for the car dealer who wants to sell a car with the highest possible profit margin. A second-hand car that you deliver in perfect condition is a business card for your company. We are happy to contribute to that! Clean to Perfection delivers a car that has increased in value and will be easier to sell, all for a fair price.

We also offer tailored services to auto garage companies or other car specialized businesses that want to provide their customers with the best services. Whether it’s a small cleaning job or a full detail treatment, the choice is up to you and your customer.

A company car is also like a business card. Especially if you drive around with advertising on your car or van. A clean, well-maintained car will exude more professionalism and trust. Potential customers will be more inclined to contact you.

But also for you as a business driver who spends many kilometers per day in the car, Clean to Perfection offers tailored detailing services! A clean and fresh interior will make driving more pleasant. Clean car, clean mind….

All treatments can take place in our own workshop, where we are fully equipped. If your location is suitable, we will of course also come on-site. We have extensive experience and, if desired, we are happy to provide one of our regular customers as a reference.

Are you curious about what Clean to Perfection can do for you? Then contact us to discuss your wishes!

You can reach us directly at phone number 06-48531255.


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