Handwash Package

Professional car wash

Our hand washing package is ideally suited for cars whose car paintwork is still in fine condition and for cars equipped with paint protection. The car is pre-treated with active foam and then washed by hand using a 2-bucket system. Using a special cloth and a high air pressure, the car will be dried spotless. Rims and tires are thoroughly cleaned and cared for with special cleaning agents.

Price from €55
Combine a hand wash package with an interior cleaning for a Full Detail treatment

Hand washing for coating maintenance

Proper maintenance of a glass coating is essential to its performance and longevity. Proper hand washing is an advantage here. Machine washers usually proceed too roughly, causing the applied protective coating to wear off faster.

If you have chosen one of our coating packages, you will receive an explanation of the maintenance. Of course, it is also possible to let us do the maintenance so you can enjoy your paint protection to the fullest. Feel free to ask us about the possibilities!

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Personalized advice

We will be happy to advise you, without obligation of course, on the best options for reconditioning, optimizing or protecting your automotive paintwork.

Professionalism through experience

Through years of experience, expert knowledge and continuous development of our knowledge, we guarantee professional work.

A suitable treatment for every car

Every car paint is in a different condition and every customer has different needs. We are happy to discuss all options with you.

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In some cases, it is necessary to have your car visually evaluated by us.


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