Auto Detailing Services

We are pleased to introduce you to our range of auto detailing services. All of our treatments are performed with passion, drive and attention to detail. We work exclusively with high-quality products and materials.

We have specialized in cleaning, perfecting and protecting car paintwork. Cleaning the interior and exterior of the car is done through luxury hand washing treatments and polishing. To perfect and restore the paintwork from unevennesses, ( wash ) scratches and dull color we offer polishing treatments that are performed in several stages. For the best paint protection, we recommend choosing a paint protection film or a glass coating.

You can also contact us to have your car windows blinded or tinted.

Choose from our packages a treatment that suits your needs. Every car and every owner is different. Of course, we are open to your requests and are happy to create a customized treatment. Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation.

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