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Window tinting | Window shading

With tinted windows, you not only give your car a nice sleek look but also choose extra comfort, increased safety and durability. Dark tinted car windows give passengers more privacy because it is more difficult to see inside. Your fellow travelers will travel more comfortably in (bright) sunshine because sun rays are partially reflected. Because part of the UV rays are absorbed and reflected, color damage to the interior is also less likely to occur. If you have your windows tinted, the temperature inside the car will also rise less quickly than with completely clear windows when in full sunlight.

We are certified and work exclusively with high-quality films.

Dutch regulations tinted windows

When applying the film, we fully comply with Dutch law. The main 2 points to consider when choosing film to tint your windows are:

  • The windshield and front side windows must be at least 55% translucent.
  • The rear window may have film or coating. The vehicle must have a right-side exterior mirror.

No rights can be derived from this information. All of these rules are contained in European Directive 92/22/EEC.

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Our options

Price indications are inclusive of VAT
3-window hatchback, fixed window

€ 165
3 ruiten hatchback, bedienbaar

€ 175
3 ruiten coupe

€ 225
5 ruiten hatchback

€ 225
5-window sedan

€ 250
5-window station/SUV

€ 250

€ 275
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