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Auto Detailing Services

After having your car detailed, you will feel like you’re driving a new vehicle! Why we prefer the word detailing and not car cleaning? For the simple reason that a real ‘detailer’ goes at least one step further than an average car cleaner. The word detailing actually says enough… We focus on the smallest details.

The car will be completely hand washed and by using high quality products perfected to detail.

By having your car detailed, you will extend the life of the paint, the car retains its value for a longer time and in some cases even increases in value!

Not only the cars exterior deserves extra attention once in a while, don’t forget the interior! A good example is a deep cleansing of the cars upholstery.

Clean to Perfection

I treat every car as if it is my own, with passion and attention to detail. 

On choosing ‘Clean to Perfection’ your car will shine!

In order to choose the service that best suites the condition of the car and your needs, there is a free consultation available where we can discuss the possibilities. 

In some cases I can detail your car on location otherwise in my own garage.

If you prefer an appointment in the weekend or during holidays, that is always possible! 

Glass Coating

Glass coating, also known as ceramic coating, is a durable paint protection. The coating is an invisible layer that protects the car paint against external influences.

An indispensable protection

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film, abbreviated as PPF, is an extremely strong film layer that is applied to the desired parts of the car. It offers protection against scratches, stone chips and several elements of weather and nature.

The No.1 paint protection

Full Detail

The Full Detail treatment consist of a comprehensive treatment for both interior and exterior.

This treatment is often chosen to make a car representative for sale.

Exterior packages

With a range of different packages for the exterior, there is a suitable choice for every car and every wish. Depending on the wish and condition of the car, extra options are always possible.

Choose a coating for durable protection and easy maintenance.

Interior packages

With an interior detail, the inside of your car is thoroughly cleaned and cared for in detail.

You can choose between a treatment for leather upholstery or fabric upholstery.

Choose an ozone treatment as an option to get rid of unpleasant odors.


Every car is different and every owner is uniek. Of course we are open to your requests and are happy to make a tailor-made package. Contact us for a free quote.