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Exterior packages

Polishing the car paint is central to car detailing.

Car paint is exposed daily to various influences that damage the paint. Think of acid rain, tree sap, street dirt, bird droppings, but also scratches from washing the car. These damages create a rough and dull paint.

Professional polishing of the car paint is necessary to repair these paint damage and to restore the paint to its original shine.

Polishing is a labor-intensive process in which we use various polishing machines, pads and polishes. The result is therefore always amazing.

After the paint repair by means of polishing, it is important to give the paint a protected layer. This can be done with a sealant, wax or ceramic coating. For the best and most long-term protection, we recommend opting for a durable glass coating.

Because every car is different, our prices vary. Depending on the size and contours of the car and the condition and quality of the car paint, we make a quotation per customer where your wishes and expectations are central.

On our website you will find a number of options regarding polishing treatments. These options give you an indication of what is possible. We strive as standard for the highest possible result and your car will look like new again.

Because every car is different and the wishes of our customers differ, we would like to invite you for an entirely non-binding intake. During this intake we discuss your wishes and we inspect the car paint by means of, among other things, a special lamp and a paint thickness measurer. Based on your wishes, the condition of the car and our expertise, you will receive a free quote on site.

You are welcome every day of the week for personal advice. Because we sometimes work on location with business customers, we advise you to contact us in advance.


Exclusive Detail

The Exclusive Detail is the best choice for the car owner who wants his (or her) car paint to be restored to the best possible condition. With this treatment, intensive paint correction comes first. With multiple polishing steps we go for the maximum achievable result. Not only for the eye but really in detail.

That means:

  • 100% gloss
  • > 90% removal of swirls
  • > 90% removal of scratches

Premium Detail

With our Premium Detail package, the car paint will be extensively polished. This provides a 100% original gloss and the existing paint damage is considerably eliminated. The condition of the paint is visibly and visibly improved.

Which results in:

  • 100% gloss
  • 80-90% swirl removal
  • +/- 85% removal of scratches

Basic Detail

The car paint will be polished in 1 step to bring back shine. Light swirls will be removed for 65-75% and deeper scratches are considerably reduced.

Extremely suitable for young used cars and for cars that have already had an extensive paint correction.


A perfect treatment for cars whose paint is still in excellent condition and therefore does not require paint correction. After a thorough hand wash, the car will get waxed.