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Full Detail Basic


Is your paint still in good condition but do you have a number of unevennesses and / or very light scratches or swirls that you would like to have removed? And do you also think it is important that the entire interior is thoroughly cleaned? Then the Full Detail Basic package is a good option!

The interior of the car is completely cleaned and reconditioned using steam, depth cleaners and compressed air. Any stains present will be removed. Both plastic and leather parts are finished with care products.

After the car is first completely washed by hand, the car paint is machine-polished in 1 step. In this first polishing phase, an eccentric polishing machine is used. With a combination of fine and medium polishes and polish pads, the gloss of the paint is restored and light scratches are eliminated.

Do you want to know if a Full Detail basic treatment is appropriate to the condition of the car paint and your expectations? Contact us without obligation. We are happy to make a free consultation appointment with you!


  • Prewash with active foam
  • Hand wash
  • Chemical cleaning, de-ironizing
  • Cleaning rims and tires
  • Cleaning wheel arches and doorframes 
  • Engine compartment (broad experience, at own risk)
  • Spotless drying with a special towel
  • Clay treatment 
  • Eccentric polishing treatment with 1 step
  • Degreasing
  • Applying lacquer sealant (upgrade possible)
  • Applying wax to the rims
  • Applying dressing to the tires
  • Applying protection to rubber parts
  • Applying dressing to plastic parts
  • Cleaning the outside of the windows
  • Applying water-repellent sealant on windows
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning plastic, vinyl and rubber parts + applying protection
  • Intensive cleaning of upholstery 
  • Leather treatment (clean and protect)
  • Cleaning the inside of the windows