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Full Detail Car Cleaning


Are you looking for a complete treatment where the emphasis is on cleaning the interior of your car and the exterior must be refreshed? Then our complete car cleaning package is the right choice!

The result of the Full Detail Cleaning treatment is an interior that has been cleaned and cared for in detail. With high-quality products, the car is thoroughly refurbished from the inside, resulting in a showroom-worthy interior.

The exterior of the car will be thoroughly cleaned and the car paint will look fresher due to the cleaning.

Because the polish is only done manually, no paint defects such as scratches and swirls and other unevenness will disappear during this treatment.

If you really want the paint to be restored then machine polish treatments are a must. For this you can choose from one of our other Full Detail packages.

In short, a Full Detail Cleaning treatment from Clean to Perfection is a good choice if you want to have your car cleaned inside and outside quickly, inexpensively and professionally.


  • Prewash with active foam
  • Hand wash
  • Chemical cleaning, de-ironizing
  • Cleaning rims and tires
  • Cleaning wheel arches and doorframes 
  • Engine compartment (broad experience, at own risk)
  • Spotless drying with a special towel
  • Clay treatment 
  • Manually polish treatment
  • Degreasing
  • Applying premium Carnauba wax
  • Applying wax to the rims
  • Applying dressing to the tires
  • Applying protection to rubber parts
  • Applying dressing to plastic parts
  • Cleaning the outside of the windows
  • Applying water-repellent sealant on windows
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning plastic, vinyl and rubber parts + applying protection
  • Intensive cleaning of upholstery 
  • Leather treatment (clean and protect)
  • Cleaning the inside of the windows