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Full detail

With a Full Detail treatment, the interior of your car is completely cleaned and cared for and the gloss of the car paint is refreshed and restored by polishing. Depending on the condition of the car, your wishes and your expectations, we have put together a number of packages for you. The difference in the packages is mainly focused on the number of polishing steps. To make a suitable choice you will find a short description per package. Would you rather have personal advice? That is of course possible! Contact us and we will gladly advise you in choosing the most suitable treatment.

Polishing steps are needed to remove light scratches, swirls and unevennesses and restore shine. The more polishing steps that must be performed on the car paint, the more labor-intensive the treatment and the more astonishing the result!

Every Full Detail treatment can be expanded with, for example, an ozone treatment against a nasty odor in the car or a special treatment for removing dog hair.

We recommend a car paint that is well polished to be protected with glass coating. This way the paint keeps its shine for a long time and is easy to maintain. The coating also protects against external influences such as street dirt, acid rain and bird droppings.

Full Detail Exclusive

Are you bothered by visible irregularities, do you strive for perfection, and do you have the highest expectations? Then the Full Detail Exclusive treatment is the choice! With a minimum of 3 polishing steps, even deeper scratches in the clear coat are removed and the gloss is restored to the maximum.

Full Detail Premium

The Full Detail Premium package comes close to perfection. Is your car paint dull and has both visible and palpable irregularities. Then it can get 100% shine again through a treatment with 2 polishing steps. The present swirls and wash scratches are removed for 85-95%.

Full Detail Basic

In addition to a complete interior cleaning, the car paint is treated with 1 polishing step with the use of a polishing machine.

Would you like light scratches to be restored and give the car paint its original shine back? Then the Full Detail Basic package is a good option.

Full Detail Car Cleaning

In this cleaning treatment the interior is just as thoroughly cleaned as with the other Full Detail treatments.

However, the exterior is polished manually. This does not remove scratches. The paint is freshened up for the eye.