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Full Detail Premium


Does your car have quite a few kilometers on the clock and has it never been taken care off by a car retailer? Then it is likely that the car paint is damaged with unpleasant wash scratches, swirls, and unevenness. Because the car has traveled many kilometers, street dirt, acid rain and UV will have left its mark.

The condition of the paint is determined by means of a test spot prior to the polishing treatment. Based on this, a combination of polishing products and polishing pads is determined to deliver the best results.

Because the Premium package includes extensive polishing , the paint comes close to perfect condition! Any swirls and wax scratches are removed for 85-95%. The paint feels smooth and sleek and has 100% its original shine back.

An exterior that comes close to perfection naturally also needs a perfectly conditioned interior. The car is thoroughly cleaned with high-quality deep cleaners, compressed air and steam and then finished with nourishing and caring products.


  • Prewash with active foam
  • Hand wash
  • Chemical cleaning, de-ironizing
  • Cleaning rims and tires
  • Cleaning wheel arches and doorframes 
  • Engine compartment (broad experience, at own risk)
  • Spotless drying with a special towel
  • Clay treatment 
  • Extensive polishing treatment 
  • Degreasing
  • Applying paint sealant (upgrade possible)
  • Applying wax to the rims
  • Applying dressing to the tires
  • Applying protection to rubber parts
  • Applying dressing to plastic parts
  • Cleaning the outside of the windows
  • Applying water-repellent sealant on windows
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning plastic, vinyl and rubber parts + applying protection
  • Intensive cleaning of upholstery 
  • Leather treatment (clean and protect)
  • Cleaning the inside of the windows