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Glass coating

Professional glass coating


Car paint is exposed daily to influences that are harmful to the beautiful appearance of the car.

A car is a proud possession that we want to enjoy for as long as possible. In order to protect the paint properly, it is important to apply a good sealant. A professional paint sealant in the form of a nano coating or glass coating, also called a ceramic coating, has a long service life.

The Professional glass coating that we work with is a thin layer that is not visible or tangible. This layer provides ultimate protection against external influences. The coating absorbs UV radiation so that no color damage will occur and the lacquer retains its gloss. Chemical pollution, road grime and acid rain do not get a chance to adhere, making the car easy to maintain. In addition to increasing driving pleasure, the car will retain its value for longer.

Because of the long lifespan and the excellent gloss, we prefer to work with durable glass coatings from CoatingOne.


CoatingOne is a relatively young company, driven by passion, that only applies in the highest segment of ceramic coatings. Years of experience and development, taking into account the wishes of certified partners and end users, guarantee quality and durability.

Because the entire range is cooperative, the product line guarantees a long-lasting effect.

Your choice

For the glass coating you can choose a package with CoatingOne Basic or the highest quality with CoatingOne Cristallum. In both packages we make a distinction between new cars and (young) used cars. By new cars we mean cars of a maximum of 1 month old and a maximum of 1000 km on the clock.

All the preliminary work such as paint cleaning, degreasing and polishing is included in both packages. We strive for the highest achievable result. Naturally, the packages can be expanded with a rim coating, window coating and coating for the plastic parts.

CoatingOne Basic

(young) Used cars (incl. btw)

€ 625

Special offer new cars: (incl. btw)
€ 475

Optional extra layer CoatingOne Basic
€ 125

CoatingOne Basic. Basic … with maximum protection!

The Basic coating from CoatingOne has a service life of up to 18 months. You can opt for multiple layers, with which you extend the service life.

of course, the basic coating also gives a beautiful shine to the paint and ensures ease of maintenance.

All coatings from CoatingOne are also suitable for cars with a matt paint. 

* price depends on the type of car

CoatingOne Cristallum

(young) Used cars (incl. btw)

€ 775

Special offer new cars: (incl. btw)
€ 625

Optional extra layer Cristallum
€ 175

CoatingOne Cristallum is CoatingOne’s HighEnd coating. An extremely high density of SiO2 particles ensures extreme gloss and robust protection with just 1 layer.

With proper maintenance, 1 layer of CoatingOne offers a warranty of up to 36 months. If you opt for a double layer, the hardness increases and you even have a service life of up to 5 years.

Cristallum from CoatingOne has a Ph range 1-12 and a hardness of 9H.

* price depends on the type of car

Additional Options

Coating new rims
Coating used rims
Windshield coating
Window coating all round
Plastic coating

Is my car suitable for a glass coating?

A glass coating is suitable for all types of cars of all ages! For every car owner who cares about their valuable possessions and for every driver who likes a car that is easy to keep clean.

It is important that the car paint is properly pre-treated. A pre-treatment consists of a thorough cleaning and a professional polishing treatment. The pre-treatment ensures a clean and smooth surface, which is important for the adhesion of the glass coating. In order to provide you with the best advice, it is necessary for us to personally inspect the condition of the car.

Even brand-new cars already have transport damage, which is often invisible to the naked eye. A polishing treatment is therefore also necessary for new and recently used cars.

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