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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film, abbreviated as P.P.F., is an extremely strong film layer that is applied to the desired parts of the car. The Paint Protection Film offers protection against scratches and stone chips and several elements of weather and nature.

The foils we work with are unique in their kind because of the self-healing effect. Scratches disappear by themselves! Come by without obligation and let yourself be convinced.

You can choose to protect only damage-sensitive parts, such as the nose of the car, only the headlights or the side mirrors and of course it is also possible to provide the entire car with a PPF.

We only use the unique foils from the global market leader, PremiumShield.

PremiumShield has a unique software system with which we can have the required films cut to size by a plotter for all types of cars. So no carving on your car!

PremiumShield Elite-SH


PremiumShield® Elite SH  is a 150 micron thick crystal clear polyurethane film.

The foil is very elastic and virtually impermeable. As a result, hard objects cannot touch the paint and it therefore remains intact.


  • crystal clear
  • Super smooth and shiny
  • self-healing properties, scratches disappear by themselves
  • Protected against stone chips, bumps, scratches, bird droppings, dirt, etc.
  • Does not discolour
  • Removable

Smoke, Matte & Black Film

In addition to the widely used Elite-SH film, there is the MATTE film especially for cars with a matte paint. You can also choose to accentuate your headlights by protecting them with a film with a SMOKE effect. Do you want to completely change the look of your car? It’s easy with the BLACK Film!

What does Paint Protection Film cost

Below you will find a number of standard choice packages with the associated starting price. The price depends on the type of car. We make a distinction between the following types of cars:

  • Compact
  • Mid size
  • SUV /4×4
  • Prestige / Exotic

Customization is of course possible and you can combine packages. Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.


Elite-SH from € 82

Smoke from € 96

Side skirts

Elite-SH from € 174

Matte from € 193

Complete front

Elite-SH from € 959

Matte from € 1047

Front side

Elite-SH from € 539

Matte from € 594

Window frame + roof part

Elite-SH from € 72

Matte from € 80

Top rear bumper

Elite-SH from € 29

Matte from € 32

Handle notch

Elite-SH from € 31

Matte from € 35

Have you gotten interested?

Are you interested in the best paint protection for your car?! Feel free to contact us for the best advice.

You can reach us fastest on telephone number 06-48531255.

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