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Premium Detail

Is your paint visibly and noticeably damaged with scratches and swirls? Then the Premium Detail is the right treatment to improve the state of the paint car paint considerably!

With extensive polishing at least 80-90% of the swirls and about 85% of the scratches are removed and we bring back a 100% improvement of the gloss.

Of course rubber and plastic parts as well as rims and tires are not forgotten! These are intensively cleaned and finished with caring dressings. 


  • Pre-clean with active foam
  • Hand wash
  • Chemical cleaning of the paint, removing fly rust
  • Clean rims and tires
  • Clean wheel arches and door frames
  • Dry with a special cloth
  • Clay treatment
  • Extensive polishing for paint correction 
  • Degrease
  • Apply lacquer protection* 
  • Apply rim wax
  • Apply dressing to tires
  • Apply protection to rubber parts
  • Apply plastic dressing
  • Clean the inside and outside of the windows
  • Apply water-resistant window sealant
  • Freshen up the interior

* Opt for a sustainable glass coating as an extra option